Da Widdle Snakey

Isn’t it adorable? Just needs that pink little tongue sticking out to be irresistible.

Okay, I find them irresistible already. Every time we go to the pet store for cat stuff, I make my husband stop by the reptile cages so I can ooh and ah over the sweet little ball pythons. I can’t have one while we still have cats (hopefully for a good, long while), but I can coo. (Yes, I can. You can’t stop me.) They’re at their cutest when curled into balls under their logs.

Last time we went to the pet store, however, they had sold their last ball python. We’re about to go again, so I’m collecting the cute in an accessible place just in case.

If it’s all getting to you and you think you might want a little ball of joy of your own (your own personal neck massager?), there are a few things to keep in mind, like the fact that this snake is an escape artist and benefits from quite a bit of handling. Here’s some good background to help you decide whether you’re going to be the next person to take a ball python from the store before I get a chance to talk baby talk at it.

The cute, in order: Ghost Ball Python and Spider Ball by Alex Butler, reproduced under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic license. gussy4 by quantumdell, reproduced under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Da Widdle Snakey
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13 thoughts on “Da Widdle Snakey

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    I can;t resist them either. I have three of them, and they are absolutely, positively spoiled rotten! They aren’t so little anymore; the oldest is a four year old female named Zoha (Urdu..”Pretty Girl”). The youngest hatched late last year, and his name is Brat. My “middle child” is Aztec; a two year old male. They are all normal colored and patterned…except for Brat. He’s a Het Clown.

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    Cynthia, how do you spoil ball pythons?I don’t think I’ll be allowed to have three, which is probably good, and I’ll stick with standard coloring myself. I’m wary of breeding for anything other than health and temperament.Do you have pictures of yours posted anywhere? I’m always in the market for more cute. 🙂

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    They are absolutely adorable. Between two dogs (for the moment) and a cat though I don’t see a ball python in my future–I’m content to admire them from afar. Or up close if anyone’s nice enough to let me hold one of theirs. And I also content myself with rescuing garter snakes from my neighbor who would kill them if I didn’t intervene.

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    They are certainly beautiful creatures.I’ve never handled snakes of any kind much, so my unfamiliarity breeds some nervousness, I’ll admit.I do love to look at them from the other side of thick glass, though.

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    I grew up with snakes, Janie, which is part of the reason I want a ball python. They’re some of the sweetest-tempered snakes around if they’re captive bred and handled since hatching. Wild garter snakes, on the other hand, are just pissy, which makes what Christopher does even more heroic. The most aggressive snake I’ve ever seen was a garter snake the size of a pencil that really didn’t want to be moved out of harm’s way at a campsite.The biggest things to get used to in handling them are that they’re cold and very muscular. Aside from that, it’s like handling any animal that doesn’t know you well. Try not to surprise it and don’t stick your fingers in its face, and you’ll be fine.And I love the avatar, although I’ve never thought to mention it.

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    Actually; spoiling a python isn’t all that difficult. Once you get to know your snake’s personality, and they do have each their own personality (in spite of their tiny little brains); you won’t be able to resist doing your housework with your loved one draped around your neck.I won’t let my Royals (the name the rest of the world knows them by) have the “slither” of the house, however. They’re too small; and because of their size; there’s too much stuff they could get into; i.e.: getting behind the refrigerator. My Retic I might let have run of the house once she gets over ten feet.As soon as I can get a halfway decent digital camera, I’ll be posting all kinds of pictures.

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    Yay! I am so happy for you! Jonna G. told me you were getting one and I figured I would offer any advice, but since you grew up with them you hardly need it I think! I have a 2 year old Royal named “Thulsa Doom” he is my baby. He gets along quite well with my two cats (all three of them are VERY well adjusted and sociable critters.) I’ll have my baby out at the renaissance festival so if anyone wants an up close and personal look at the sweetest herps around, feel free to find me.

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    Hey, Mariah, thanks for stopping by. Considering all the good things I hear about you from Jonna (and others), it surprises me not in the least that your pets are paragons too. :)We’ll definitely have to stop by if we make it to Fest this year. I assume you’ll be with the Herp Society?

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